Why Drip CBD CO?

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By Joe, Owner Drip CBD CO 

Drip CBD Company was started because I was not impressed with the popular online CBD retailers. My goal is to provide an elevated CBD experience through products with substantial amounts of cannabis compounds at reasonable prices.  

When a CBD customer receives their shipment and opens the package, the experience shouldn’t be the same as if they were buying vitamins online. To achieve a more meaningful relationship with my customers I give them the option of what charity will receive $1 from their purchase. When they hold the product, they see original artwork, they know that the environment is taken into consideration every decision I make, and they are financially able to use the products on a regular basis.

Inspiration Behind Drip CBD CO

While back home in Colorado for Thanksgiving in 2018, my Mom secretly showed me a project her and my Grandmother had been working on. In their basement they had been extracting CBD from cannabis plants legally grown in their garden.

My uncle was living with my Mom and Grandmother while doing chemotherapy treatment for a cancerous tumor in his neck. Friends of my Mom’s recommended taking CBD to deal with the side-effects of the treatment. When she sought out to buy CBD oil, she was shocked at how much companies were charging and not sure what companies she could trust. They could not afford to give him a reasonable dose every day. So, they took matters into their own hands. Luckily, they live in Colorado and have the freedom to grow cannabis in their backyard.

After hearing the story, I was inspired to start my own CBD company. I had been enjoying cannabis for years but never had the desire to get into the industry. After being unimpressed with the experience from buying CBD online, seeing all the misleading information spread in the industry, and being inspired by my Mom, Drip CBD CO was born. Full story.

A Superior Product

Donations, artwork, environmentally friendly packaging and a vision don’t mean anything without a great product.

As a CBD customer, I saw the trend in the industry go from isolate to full spectrum a few years ago. Combining CBD with other cannabinoids and terpenes to maximize benefits is backed in science. The main study online CBD companies point to was done in 2015 by Israeli scientists. A ‘full plant’ extract outperformed an isolate extract by reducing swelling in a rat model. These companies don’t mention that the ‘full plant’ extract contained 2.2% THC. Another study done with CBN suggests that the cannabinoid shows promise as a sedative when paired with THC.

I 100% agree that CBD is more beneficial when combined with a substantial amount of THC. Where I am draw uncertainty is in trace amounts. I haven’t seen the science backing this industry wide assumption that a CBD oil with 0.3% THC outperforms a CBD oil with 0.0% THC.

To compensate for a product without THC or any other cannabinoids, Drip CBD CO oils are enriched in a substantial amount of cannabis terpenes. The same companies making claims about how the 0.00001mg of CBG in their product is providing you with all types of inconclusive benefits is also touting terpenes as another justification to charge ridiculous prices for their ‘full spectrum’ CBD. All while only possessing trace amounts. My products give users multiple terpenes that can be measured in entire milligrams per dose.

Things change. New laws or studies can come out to change my point of view. I am open to adjusting the product as more information is presented. However, I believe this to be the most beneficial, cost effective way to take CBD at this given time.


Each Drip CBD CO sale translates to a precise dollar amount going to help fund cancer research charities. I’m giving customers a win/win/win option at checkout. They choose where their dollar will go.

There are many causes worth donating to that I support. I was tempted to give customers the option of choosing between different causes, however I want to stay as apolitical as possible in the donation aspect of the brand. Everyone can agree that cancer is horrible.

Donating after each sale is not easy. Making one donation at the end of the year or quarter makes more sense logistically. Allowing the customer to choose where they want their dollar to go then receiving an email confirming their donation is a part of the experience of buying from Drip CBD CO and the relationship I have with each customer.


From the brand’s conception I wanted to use minimal and repurposed packaging. Opening a box, taking out plastic filler, then opening another box to get to the product doesn’t make sense to me. Drip CBD CO uses corrugated carboard packaging mailers filled with repurposed, recyclable filler, and never will I use an additional box for the product.

After seeing the destruction of the West Coast wildfires this summer, I decided to plant 1 tree for every 5 online orders and all orders over $50. The idea is to help rebuild our forests and offset the emissions created from shipping packages. For more click here.

The Future of Drip CBD CO

I hope these ideas are only the foundation of the brand. In the future I hope to achieve a ‘farm to table’ CBD experience for customers, instilling the values already incorporated into producing hemp. My plan is to use hemp derived tincture bottles and hemp packaging for shipping. I’m also looking at developing a reusable bottle system locally, stay tuned.

In the next 5 years I hope to expand the company to all levels of production, creating jobs and helping the transition into a just cannabis industry. Thank you for your support by reading this article.

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