Our Story

The idea for Drip CBD Company was sparked while I was home for Thanksgiving in 2018.  It was an especially important Thanksgiving to attend because my Mom’s brother had been diagnosed with cancer. The year prior he discovered a cancerous tumor in his neck, the tumor had been removed, and was now in the middle of chemotherapy to stop the cancer from spreading.

Along with taking care of her brother during chemo, my mom legally grew two cannabis plants and extracted the CBD to help my Uncle deal with the side-effects. Chemotherapy treatments take an incredible amount of mental and physical strength to overcome. I truly admire my Uncle’s personal strength and my Mom’s willingness to do anything to help her brother overcome extremely difficult circumstances.

This inspired me to start a CBD company that would deliver affordable, high quality products while supporting causes I believe in. I’m happy to say that my Uncle has recovered and is back to competing in team roping rodeo events.

I donate $1 for every product Drip CBD Company sells. Before checking out, customers have the choice between One Tree Planted, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and The Last Prisoner Project. Once the checkout process is complete, the customer will receive an email confirming their donation along with the charity’s tax ID number and donation tracking number.

These charities represent three causes that I am passionate about: cancer research, prison reform, and rebuilding out forests.  


Drip CBD Co. Founder

Drawing by my mom