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By Joe, Owner Drip CBD CO 

We created a CBD FAQ to help people understand the CBD basics. If you have heard of CBD but aren’t a seasoned vet in everything cannabinoid, you’ve come to the right place.  

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is everywhere. Oil, cream, pills, gummies, pet treats, coffee, candy, at this point it would be hard to create a new CBD infused product that hasn’t already been done. Recreational marijuana legalization in States like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington took CBD from the subculture of medical marijuana dispensaries to the mainstream by offering the products to the public.

One of the reasons why CBD has exploded is because it doesn’t get you high. Those wanting to experiment with the medicinal properties of cannabis now have an opportunity. Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids. The chemical compounds that make up cannabis. There are over 100 that we know about today.

CBD has taken longer to reach the masses for two reasons:

*THC created a stigma around anything and everything cannabis because of the high.

*CBD is harder to prove that it is working.

No one can deny THC. If you eat a cookie with 1000mg THC you will be high. And if it’s your first time you may think you are dying. But the effect of CBD is much less obvious. There is scientific research and backing up CBD’s medicinal properties, however, because of the stigma around THC, research into cannabinoids has been delayed. For more on the history of cannabis prohibition, check out our blog post here.

The reason THC and CBD have an effect on our bodies is because we are already producing cannabis like substances on our own. 

Our body produces cannabinoids? Seriously?

Yes, our bodies have an endocannabinoid system. Meaning cannabinoid system inside our bodies. It does seem strange that we would call chemicals our bodies produce endoCANNAbinoids, coming from the word cannabis, but this is because the compounds were discovered in the plant before we found them in our bodies. Endocannabinoids react with cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous and immune systems to communicate the regulation of some of our body’s most important functions.

How legal is CBD?

The 2018 Farm Bill was a game changer for the hemp industry. The bill defines hemp as cannabis containing 0.3% THC or less, it also removes hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. This means all cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC are legal on the federal level. Finally, hemp is separated from the high produced by THC and now will live up to its full potential.

How is CBD sold?

CBD comes in three forms. No matter what type of product you buy, the actual CBD will come in one of these ways. It is very important to be mindful of these forms of CBD especially if you don’t want THC in your system. 

Isolate CBD

Just CBD. Nothing else is extracted from the hemp. You will find no trace of THC or any other cannabinoid. You also will not get any of the terpenes or other nutrients from the cannabis plant. Isolate CBD is tasteless and odorless.

Full spectrum CBD

Hemp extraction without isolation. Meaning, you will get all cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. If you can’t have THC in your system, you would be risking a failed drug test if you regularly take full spectrum oil.

Broad spectrum CBD

The same as full spectrum but no THC. If you are looking for a range of cannabinoids without THC, this is the option for you. Broad spectrum products are expensive. Make sure you aren’t paying for trace amounts of other cannabinoids by checking the cannabinoid profiles before buying.

What to watch out for when buying CBD online

There are a lot of options for buying CBD online. The number one thing to look for is certificate of analysis (COA) by a third party to make sure the amount of CBD advertised is what is in your product. Third party means a lab outside the manufacturing facility that specializes in testing only. Because of the grey legality of the CBD industry, some people are getting away with false advertising. The COAs should also verify the amount of THC in the products.

Hemp oil doesn’t have to contain any CBD.

Amazon does not allow CBD products.

Make sure they offer a refund policy.

Don’t overpay! Since the Farm Bill hemp production has gone up over 400%. Many of the companies that are established in the market are still selling CBD at the same prices they were 5 years ago. This is unfair to the consumer because the price of hemp has dropped dramatically. Plus, regulations on banks, credit card processing, and advertising platforms have loosened up lowering the prices of these services as well.

Can CBD get me high?

No, CBD is non-psychoactive. According to WedMD side-effects include dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness. 

How is CBD created?

CBD is extracted from hemp. The most common forms of extraction are using CO2 or a solvate.

Why buy from DRIP CBD COMPANY?

Drip CBD CO. offers affordable CBD isolate products combined with other plants, terpenes, and nutrients. We use the most commonly found terpenes in cannabis giving customers the benefits of the ‘entourage effect’ at a reasonable price.

We utilize hemp seed oil in our tinctures, an extremely beneficial complex protein containing vitamin E, fatty acids, minerals, and an optimal balance of omega 3 & 6. Along with CBD isolate and terpenes, this blend is designed to engage the ‘entourage effect’ without any THC.

When you buy from us $1 is donated to cancer research for every product sold. Click below to read our brand story and what inspired Drip CBD Co. to deliver affordable products and give back.  


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