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This company was started to provide reasonably priced products to customers who believe in the power of CBD and terpenes.

I want to also provide an honest, valuable resource for anyone interested in the world of cannabis. These posts go far beyond CBD, giving the reader my personal perspective on the current state of the industry, my life experiences, and areas that need reform. Read, enjoy, learn, share and please contact me if you have any questions or concerns relating to these posts or my products. 

-Joe (owner)

what are cbd terpenes cover

What Are CBD Terpenes?

As we begin to learn more about cannabis, we understand that cannabinoids aren’t the only factors that can provide potential benefits. CBD has enormous potential,

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drip cbd co product

Why Drip CBD CO?

Drip CBD Company was started because I was not impressed with the popular online CBD retailers. My goal is to provide an elevated CBD experience

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cbd faq


We created a CBD FAQ to help people understand the CBD basics. If you have heard of CBD but aren’t a seasoned vet in everything

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does cbd help with inflammation?

Does CBD Help With Inflammation?

Inflammation can lead to serious medical complications and the anti-inflammatory synthetic drugs available have various negative side effects, people are turning to CBD as an alternative.

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