A Fair and Just Cannabis Industry – Debates on Prison Reform

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By Joe, Owner Drip CBD CO 

An introduction from Jesse Watters - Debates on Prison Reform

In the early days of the democratic presidential debates in 2019, I found myself watching one of Fox News’s colorful commentators named Jesse Waters, host of ‘Watters’ World.’ The debates on prison reform from the right wing media has been interesting to say the least after Donald Trump’s passing of the first step act. 

Usually Fox News is against letting people out of jail for any reason and has been a proponent to increasingly militarize the police. Now that Tump has passed prison reform, many on the right tout this as one of his great accomplishments. 

Debates on prison reform are usually clearly divided by party lines, Trump has changed this which I believe is a good thing. However, Jesse goes back to defaulting as against whatever the democrats are for completely taking their plans for legislation out of context. 

Fox is not my first choice in reliable information, but over half my family and friends rely on the ‘fair and balanced’ network, so I do make an effort to try and understand their thinking.

From the Right- Debates on Prison Reform

That day, Jessie was talking about marijuana. The claim he was making was that the democrats were proposing a socialist agenda to turn black people into drug dealers. Because of his incredible lack of any context to this claim, it led me to looking at Elizabeth Warren’s policies about marijuana legalization. https://elizabethwarren.com/plans/cannabis The title of the page is ‘A Just and Equitable Cannabis Industry,’ the plan starts by explaining the first US marijuana policies, goes into the war on drugs, the progress many states have made, and finally the future of the industry.

For more on the United States’ history racially influenced drug policies check out my article called The History of Marijuana Prohibition

From the Left - Debates on Prison Reform

Once I reached the end of her plan I found where Watters was getting the connection to democrat created drug dealers. Warren plans to create fair access to minorities in the cannabis industry through legislation. “We cannot allow affluent and predominantly white hedge-funders and capital investors to hoard the profits from the same behavior that led to the incarceration of generations of Black and Latino youth,” Warren proclaims while also stating that the industry is currently made up of less than 5% black people.

Elizabeth Warren hopes to use marijuana legalization to heal the wounds of the past. Doing so by including the communities most affected by prohibition in the future of the cannabis industry. Her plan includes unionizing, access to loans, investing in women and minority owned cannabis businesses, preserving competition, and prohibiting past criminal charges from entering the cannabis industry. To label these proposed pieces of legislation as a democrat sponsored black dope dealer campaign is quite the stretch from Watters and America’s most watched cable news network. (18th consecutive year)

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